Pardon the overly frequent use of Announcement Feature. But there are just more things to announce.

Discussion Moderator

The previous blog post saying there are Discussion Moderator recruit/nomination. This blog will cover more details about the said right.

Rights and Duties

As the role name suggest, this is a right that allows user to moderate any place with discussion purpose. Full list of commonly used rights include:

  • Edit and delete the following entities.
    • Article comments.
    • Message Wall messages.
    • Forum thread's messages.
    • Posts in the Discussion board.
  • Close message wall thread.
  • Moderate the chat feature.
  • Visit the Admin Dashboard; albeit with limited access.

Other details

On a local level, Discussion Moderators' username are colored Yellow.

New Personnel

A week ago, as most people should have noticed, SirLudXVI has been promoted to the said right. (Sorry Lud. Can't find the opportunity to announce it).

Let us give a big round of applause to our very first Discussion Moderator.

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