"Worst Batzz Awakened ~Black Autodeity~" is the 3rd Climax Booster released in the Japanese format. Cards in this set are released in the set Driven to Disorder for the English format.


  • Contains 74 cards (2 BR/3 SP/9 RRR/12 RR/18 R/30 U) + ? Secrets.
  • Includes further support for Dragon World, Danger World, Magic World, Katana World, Legend World, and Star Dragon World.
  • Each booster contains 5 random cards, one of them definitely R or greater, and also there may be the foil version of any R/U/C card.
  • Guaranteed one Secret Pack per box. All of them will be RRR foil.


Set Gallery

Card List

Card No. Name Type World Rarity
X-CBT02/0001 Awakening of the Black Autodeity Spell - RRR + Climax Rare
X-CBT02/0002 Cavalry Dragon Mech, CHAOS Kegale Byde Monster Dragon World RRR
X-CBT02/0003 Replenisher Mech, CHAOS Pentar Monster Dragon World RRR
X-CBT02/0004 Demonic Rock Dragon Mech, Dol Dra-gollum Monster Danger World RRR
X-CBT02/0005 Death Plague Priest, Zyebola Monster Magic World RRR
X-CBT02/0006 Oni Devouring Oni, Kid Ibuki "Skeleton" Monster Katana World RRR
X-CBT02/0007 Unfallen Blade Wall Spell Legend World RRR
X-CBT02/0008 Divine Demonic Sword of the King, Excalibur Replica Item Legend World RRR
X-CBT02/0009 Genome Upgrader, Geargod ver.1000 Monster - RRR
X-CBT02/0010 Bombardier Mech, CHAOS Cylinder Monster Dragon World RR
X-CBT02/0011 Invasion of the Autodeity Army Spell Dragon World RR
X-CBT02/0012 Iron-Beak Vul-gollum Monster Danger World RR
X-CBT02/0013 Super Heavy Press Spell Danger World RR
X-CBT02/0014 Fatal Disease Surgeon, Varicella Monster Magic World RR
X-CBT02/0015 Narcolepsy Spell Magic World RR
X-CBT02/0016 Oni Lady, Princess Ujibashi Monster Katana World RR
X-CBT02/0017 Ibuki's Appeal Spell Katana World RR
X-CBT02/0018 Ingni Gard Spell Legend World RR
X-CBT02/0019 Fabricated Sword of the King, Nameless Iron Blade Replica Item Legend World RR
X-CBT02/0020 Mini Geargods Control Mech, Big Wisdom Monster - RR
X-CBT02/0021 Mini Geargod Gold Monster - RR
X-CBT02/0022 Forging Mech, CHAOS Rectangle​ Monster Dragon World R
X-CBT02/0023 Chaos Signal Spell Dragon World R
X-CBT02/0024 Deity Lance CHAOS X Tempest Buster! Impact Dragon World R
X-CBT02/0025 Sturdy-Horned Beetle-gollum Monster Danger World R
X-CBT02/0026 Emergency Fuel Supply Spell Danger World R
X-CBT02/0027 Fatal Disease Priest, Burgumar Monster Magic World R
X-CBT02/0028 CHAOS Beleth Monster Magic World R
X-CBT02/0029 Fatal Disease Surgeon, Rubellus Monster Magic World R
X-CBT02/0030 Great Spell, GS Learning Spell Magic World R
X-CBT02/0031 Great Spell, Diagnosis Spell Magic World R
X-CBT02/0032 The Hot Zone Spell Magic World R
X-CBT02/0033 Yatsuka Fiend, Tsuchigumo Monster Katana World R
X-CBT02/0034 Grudge Fiend, Hannya Monster Katana World R
X-CBT02/0035 Underhanded Means, Corpse​ Cutting Needle Spell Katana World R
X-CBT02/0036 Mech Adroit Oni Castle​ Spell Katana World R
X-CBT02/0037 CHAOS Bloody King Monster Legend World R
X-CBT02/0038 Sword of the King and Sham, Lobera & Lobera Replica Item Legend World R
X-CBT02/0039 Mini Geargod Silver Monster - R
X-CBT02/0040 Misfiring Mech, CHAOS Globes Monster Dragon World U
X-CBT02/0041 Military Deviser Mech, CHAOS Fanning Monster Dragon World U
X-CBT02/0042 CHAOS Chibi Panda Monster Dragon World U
X-CBT02/0043 Flame Dragon Mech, CHAOS Linear Monster Dragon World U
X-CBT02/0044 Autodeity Carapace, CHAOS Finger Item Dragon World U
X-CBT02/0045 CHAOS Uni-gollum Monster Danger World U
X-CBT02/0046 Severe Attack Datsu-gollum Monster Danger World U
X-CBT02/0047 First aid-gollum Monster Danger World U
X-CBT02/0048 Chaos Arms Spell Danger World U
X-CBT02/0049 Unknown Grit Spell Danger World U
X-CBT02/0050 Giant Pitching Shell Machine Spell Danger World U
X-CBT02/0051 Tile Breaking Palm Item Danger World U
X-CBT02/0052 Fatal Disease Surgeon, Malaria Monster Magic World U
X-CBT02/0053 Outbreak Spell Magic World U
X-CBT02/0054 Contagion Gel Spell Magic World U
X-CBT02/0055 Malignant Tumor Spell Magic World U
X-CBT02/0056 Mycotoxin Spell Magic World U
X-CBT02/0057 Great Spell Circle of Reservoir Spell Magic World U
X-CBT02/0058 CHAOS Kimensai Monster Katana World U
X-CBT02/0059 CHAOS Ox-Head Horse-Face Monster Katana World U
X-CBT02/0060 Oni Group, Underworld Army Monster Katana World U
X-CBT02/0061 Dark Arms, Kidoku Enko Item Katana World U
X-CBT02/0062 For The Chosen Ones Spell Legend World U
X-CBT02/0063 Alchemy of Trismegistus Spell Legend World U
X-CBT02/0064 Parasite Yggdrasil Spell Legend World U
X-CBT02/0065 Fabricated Sword of the King, Zulfiqar Replica Item Legend World U
X-CBT02/0066 Fabricated Sword of the King, Hrotti Replica Item Legend World U
X-CBT02/0067 Fabricated Sword of the King, Hofud Replica Item Legend World U
X-CBT02/0068 Forbidden, Savage Form! Impact Legend World U
X-CBT02/0069 Absolute Armor Spell Star Dragon World U
X-CBT02/0070 Autodeity Dragon, CHAOS Batzz Monster Dragon World Secret
X-CBT02/0071 Special Attack Mech, CHAOS Delta Monster Dragon World Secret
X-CBT02/0072 Evil Sword Dragon, Demons Chaos Sword Dragon Monster Dragon World Secret
X-CBT02/0073 All-Purpose Mech, CHAOS Tetra Monster Dragon World Secret
X-CBT02/0074 Autodeity Sword, CHAOS Dragoroyale Item Dragon World Secret
X-CBT02/0075 "Ashen Death Sorcery" Yersinieas Monster Magic World Secret
X-CBT02/0076 Ultimate Great Spell, World Pandemic! Spell Magic World Secret
X-CBT02/0077 Great Spell, Incubation Period Spell Magic World Secret
X-CBT02/0078 Great Spell, Latent Infection Spell Magic World Secret
X-CBT02/0079 Scholarly Tome of Death, Aneotomy Item Magic World Secret
X-CBT02/BR01 Autodeity Dragon, CHAOS Batzz Monster Dragon World BR
X-CBT02/BR02 "Ashen Death Sorcery" Yersinieas Monster Magic World BR
X-CBT02/S001 Evil Sword Dragon, Demons Chaos Sword Dragon Monster Dragon World SP
X-CBT02/S002 "Ashen Death Sorcery" Yersinieas Monster Magic World SP
X-CBT02/S003 Genome Upgrader, Geargod ver.1000 Monster - SP

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Impact Monsters Flag Total

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