"Hero's Great War NEW GENERATIONS" is the 2nd X Ultimate Booster released in the Japanese format.


  • Contains 80 cards (2 BR/2 Premium Rare /6 RRR/14 RR/20 R/30 U) + 6 SP.
  • Includes further support for Hero World.
  • Each pack includes 7 cards, RR or greater is guaranteed per pack (but no two RRR in one pack), and also there may be the foil version of any R/U/C card.
  • Premium Rare cards are signed by the voice actors of Ku Teito (Suzuko Mimori) and Paruko Nanana (Sora Tokui).


Set Gallery

Card List

Image Card No. Name Type World Rarity
X-UB02-0001 X-UB02/0001 Koyomi-Class Fifth Fleet, Satsuki Monster Hero World RRR
X-UB02-0002 X-UB02/0002 Super Sword Deity, King Kaizerion Monster Hero World RRR
X-UB02-0003 X-UB02/0003 Shadow Lord of Black White, Mukuro Monster Hero World RRR
X-UB02-0004 X-UB02/0004 Maidens Fury, Blazer Frill Monster Hero World RRR
X-UB02-0005 X-UB02/0005 Handsome Hero of Mars, Takosuke Monster Hero World RRR
X-UB02-0006 X-UB02/0006 Revenge of Battle Demon, Zetta Impact Monster Hero World RRR
X-UB02-0007 X-UB02/0007 Piercing Specialist Chassis, Stregia Monster Hero World RR
X-UB02-0008 X-UB02/0008 Heavy Artillery Specialist Chassis, Veronica Monster Hero World RR
X-UB02-0009 X-UB02/0009 Winning Maximum, "Powered Form" Monster Hero World RR
X-UB02-0010 X-UB02/0010 Shadow of Mukuro, Schwarz Monster Hero World RR
X-UB02-0011 X-UB02/0011 Cybernetic Warrior, Netman Monster Hero World RR
X-UB02-0012 X-UB02/0012 Quinq Lada, Swift Mobile Frame Monster Hero World RR
X-UB02-0013 X-UB02/0013 Second Generation!? Captain Answer Monster Hero World RR
X-UB02-0014 X-UB02/0014 Gaigrander 04 Monster Hero World RR
X-UB02-0015 X-UB02/0015 Uniform Warrior, Doctor Frill Monster Hero World RR
X-UB02-0016 X-UB02/0016 Cybernetic Warrior, Protocol Monster Hero World RR
X-UB02-0017 X-UB02/0017 All Crew Pattern One Battlestations! Spell Hero World RR
X-UB02-0018 X-UB02/0018 Brave Machine Hangar Spell Hero World RR
X-UB02-0019 X-UB02/0019 Gemclone "SD" Impact Monster Hero World RR
X-UB02-0020 X-UB02/0020 Jackknife "Kaizerion" Impact Monster Hero World/Star Dragon World RR
X-UB02-0021 X-UB02/0021 Aerial Battleship, Satsuki Monster Hero World R
X-UB02-0022 X-UB02/0022 Movement Specialist Chassis, Westeria Monster Hero World R
X-UB02-0023 X-UB02/0023 Netman, "Red Reboot" Monster Hero World R
X-UB02-0024 X-UB02/0024 Beast Deity, Elephalchion Monster Hero World R
X-UB02-0025 X-UB02/0025 Cybernetic Warrior, Archive Monster Hero World R
X-UB02-0026 X-UB02/0026 Fifth Warrior, Funfu Monster Hero World R
X-UB02-0027 X-UB02/0027 Shadow Sniper, Scope Monster Hero World R
X-UB02-0028 X-UB02/0028 Quinq Lada, Exploration Frame Monster Hero World R
X-UB02-0029 X-UB02/0029 Dark Uniform Warrior, Garter Frill Monster Hero World/Darkness Dragon World R
X-UB02-0030 X-UB02/0030 Uniform Worker, Assassin Frill Monster Hero World/Katana World R
X-UB02-0031 X-UB02/0031 Uniform Hero, Valkyrie Frill Monster Hero World/Legend World R
X-UB02-0032 X-UB02/0032 Survey the Surrounding! Spell Hero World R
X-UB02-0033 X-UB02/0033 Call, Super Machine! Spell Hero World R
X-UB02-0034 X-UB02/0034 Hyper Energy Spell Hero World R
X-UB02-0035 X-UB02/0035 Control C Spell Hero World R
X-UB02-0036 X-UB02/0036 Armor Talisman: GAIN ADVANTAGE Spell Hero World R
X-UB02-0037 X-UB02/0037 Armor Talisman: ELEMENT CONTROL Spell Hero World R
X-UB02-0038 X-UB02/0038 It's 10000 Years Too Early for You! Spell Hero World R
X-UB02-0039 X-UB02/0039 Main Cannon, May Blaster! Impact Hero World R
X-UB02-0040 X-UB02/0040 Waterfire Demon, Hydropyro Impact Monster Hero World R
X-UB02-0041 X-UB02/0041 Battle Poet, Shouting Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0042 X-UB02/0042 Quinq Lada, Sniping Frame Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0043 X-UB02/0043 Cybernetic Warrior, Assemble Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0044 X-UB02/0044 Netman, "Yellow Module" Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0045 X-UB02/0045 Cyber Police, Stunbat Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0046 X-UB02/0046 Quinq Lada, Cloaking Frame Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0047 X-UB02/0047 Cybernetic Warrior, Hackman Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0048 X-UB02/0048 Quinq Lada, Energy Frame Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0049 X-UB02/0049 Dull Wind, Vint Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0050 X-UB02/0050 Cybernetic Warrior, Antivirus Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0051 X-UB02/0051 Quinq Lada, Personal Custom Work Pod Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0052 X-UB02/0052 Megadroid, Lazya Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0053 X-UB02/0053 Quinq Lada, Recall Frame Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0054 X-UB02/0054 Luminous Uniform Warrior, Jewelry Frill Monster Hero World/Star Dragon World U
X-UB02-0055 X-UB02/0055 Sorry to Make You Wait! Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0056 X-UB02/0056 Arrival of the Ace! Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0057 X-UB02/0057 I've Seen Through Your Moves! Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0058 X-UB02/0058 Suppressive Barrage! Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0059 X-UB02/0059 F5 Attack Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0060 X-UB02/0060 Control XV Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0061 X-UB02/0061 Backspace Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0062 X-UB02/0062 Logout Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0063 X-UB02/0063 I've Been Waiting For This Moment! Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0064 X-UB02/0064 Powered Body Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0065 X-UB02/0065 Gaigrander Communicator Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0066 X-UB02/0066 Artificial Talisman: SACRIFICE SHIELD Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0067 X-UB02/0067 Maintenance Machine, Carddock Spell Hero World U
X-UB02-0068 X-UB02/0068 Physical Format! Impact Hero World U
X-UB02-0069 X-UB02/0069 Water Demon, Dakurioso Impact Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-0070 X-UB02/0070 Mud Wind Demon, Gunaimos Impact Monster Hero World U
X-UB02-BR01 X-UB02/BR01 Koyomi-Class Fifth Fleet, Satsuki Monster Hero World BR
X-UB02-BR02 X-UB02/BR02 Shadow Lord of Black White, Mukuro Monster Hero World BR
X-UB02-S001 X-UB02/S001 Koyomi-Class Fifth Fleet, Satsuki Monster Hero World SP
X-UB02-S002 X-UB02/S002 Shadow Lord of Black White, Mukuro Monster Hero World SP
X-UB02-S003 X-UB02/S003 Maidens Fury, Blazer Frill Monster Hero World SP
X-UB02-S004 X-UB02/S004 Hero World (card) Flag Hero World SP
X-UB02-S005 X-UB02/S005 Hero World (card) Flag Hero World SP
X-UB02-S006 X-UB02/S006 Hero World (card) Flag Hero World SP
X-UB02-SS001 X-UB02/SS001 Koyomi-Class Fifth Fleet, Satsuki Monster Hero World Premium Rare
X-UB02-SS002 X-UB02/SS002 Handsome Hero of Mars, Takosuke Monster Hero World Premium Rare

World Breakdown

World Monster Spell Item Impact Impact Monster Flag Total
Hero 40 22 2 6 3 73
Dual Cards 4 1 5

List of Ultimate Boosters
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