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"Yuga Mikado" is the main protagonist in Future Card Buddyfight Ace who is nicknamed the "Ace of Games". His buddy is Gargantua Dragon. He is the son of Gao Mikado and Paruko Nanana. He is also the brother of Haru Mikado.

Yuga Mikado is one of the creators of the "RanGa Channel."

He is voiced by Takumi Mano (Japanese) and by Griffin Kingston (English).


Yuga is a fun-loving boy who sometimes gets too reckless for his own good. He is very friendly, seeing as he managed to befriend Subaru while others were unable to. He is highly intuitive and adaptable and is a quick learner.


Full Body

Yuga has spiky dual-colored hair; red bangs with a spike standing up and curving backwards and blue hair on the back ending in a short ponytail in the back. He has amber-orange eyes, just like his Dad. He wears a red and white short-sleeved hooded jacket with white trim, white parts on the sides and yellow trim on the pockets over a dark blue elbow-length shirt. He also wears dark blue jeans with rolled-up cuffs, a white belt and blue, red, grey and white calf-length boot-like trainers with yellow lines. He has special headphones that he puts on when he gets serious during his buddyfights.

Anime Biography

Season 6

Starting Buddyfight

Yuga discovers Gargantua Punisher behind his parents' photo, and was curious as to what it is. He and Ranma film a livestream for their RanGa channel in which Yuga shows exceptional skill, such as when he performs an incredible trick with just a rock. Afterwards, he and Ranma go to buy cards for his Buddyfight deck. They get a start deck, and split the last two booster packs the store has. Yuga pulls a Buddy Rare from his first pack, annoying Ranma, and meets his buddy Gargantua Dragon, who initially looks down on him due to his childish nature. Yuga immediately gets challenged to a Buddyfight by Tasuku Ryuenji, the Buddy Police Commisioner. Despite being backed into a corner, he cleverly utilizes G•EVO, and the evolved Deity Gargantua Punisher to win the match, and earn the respect of both Tasuku and Garga. He later brings Garga home.

As Yuga shows Garga around his house, he plays around with Garga and Ranma. He has a casual game with Ranma in which he loses. They plan to have a live broadcasted match later, but Yuga's feelings about it waver due to his feelings of guilt about Ranma not having a Buddy. During lunch break, they begin the Buddyfight, with Ion at the commentary, but Garga notices Yuga's doubts. During the fight, Ranma truly shows his experience in Buddyfight by expertly attacking and defending. When Ranma assures Yuga that he is fine, Yuga puts his all into it, and wins the game. Afterwards, they head home together and are hit by a sudden rain, when Ranma decides to spend the day at his own house. Yuga goes after Ranma to give him an umbrella, but the rain already stopped.

Views on their channel are declining, so Yuga and Ranma decide to watch TV, where they see Subaru, a genius student called the "Ace of Study", from their school participating in a quiz game show. They are both impressed when Subaru answers incredibly difficult questions easily. Ranma later finds out that Subaru is secretly a Buddyfighter, which makes Yuga want to challenge him to a match. The two approach Subaru during a break, but are blocked by an "invisible wall". Not to be deterred, Yuga later finds Subaru at the library, and goes around the "invisible wall" to talk to him. Subaru informs Yuga that his buddy, Cross, had already predicted Subaru's victory, but Yuga persists. Yuga seems to be winning, but Subaru stops his ace-in-the-hole, Blast Mode, with a spell, and wins by using Cross's Galaxy Formation, and his impact, Tri-Star Decision. While Yuga enjoyed the game, Garga is heavily disgruntled by their loss, so Yuga encourages Garga with his words.

Learning from his loss to Subaru, Yuga thinks about a more defensive tactic using Sonic Mode. At school Ranma tells him about Masato, a strong Buddyfighter known as the Ace of Sports, who is transferring to the class next door, and suggests that their next video be a match between Yuga and Masato. When they first approach Masato, he refuses due to seeing Dan's antics while pretending to be Yuga, but after a sports challenge, Masato acknowledges his spirit. As a means to apologize for berating them, Masato accepts Yuga's challenge. Masato's use of Dragon Share brings him heavy advantage, but by using Sonic Mode, he survives Masato's King Agito, and manages to counterattack to win the game.


The ABC Cup begins, and Yuga makes it through the preliminaries. In the meantime, he makes a short video with Garga, and buys a few packs with Masato and Ranma to prepare for the main tournament. He sees Banjoe, another participant of the ABC Cup adjusting his deck, and thinks that he might have misjudged Banjoe due to his earlier misconduct. The matchups are announced, and he is set to fight Ranma, but first watches the match between Masato and Banjoe, where he sees Banjoe's passion for Buddyfight. He then asks Banjoe for a match sometime in the future.

Ranma notices the views on his videos declining, so Yuga encourages him. They each buy a pack for the tournament, but are hit by a sudden rain, and are invited into a nearby cafe by Miko. Miko reveals that she's a fan of RanGa channel, and treats them to a few pizzas. Yuga begins his match with Ranma, in which Ranma shows great expertise as he uses spells to effectively stop Yuga's offense. However, Yuga uses Gargantua Switch Mode!, a spell that he got in the pack earlier, to get through Ranma's defense and win the game.


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Buddyfight Records

Record (Season 6)
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Tasuku Ryuenji A1 Win
Ranma Kakogawa A2 Lose
Ranma Kakogawa A2 Win
Subaru Hoshiyomi A3 Lose
Masato Rikuo A4 Win
Ranma Kakogawa A6 Win
Miko Mikono A8 Win
Subaru Hoshiyomi A10 Win
Masato Rikuo A11-A12 Win
Ranma Kakogawa A13-A14 Lose
Kanesada Kaji A16 Win
Dan Yamada A18 Win
Banjoe Onizuka A21 Win
Ranma Kakogawa A23 Lose
Note Hibikase A24 Win
Dan Yamada A28 Win
Ranma Kakogawa A32 Lose
Light Kurouzu A33 Win
Eden Hanazono A35 Win
Masato Rikuo A39 Win
Ranma Kakogawa A42-A43 Win
Ranma Kakogawa A43 Lose